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Faculty and Staff

  Subject/Role Email
Baker, Derrick World History, Problems of American Democracy [email protected] 
Ball, Patricia Contemporary Health, Nutrition, Family Dynamics [email protected] 
Batiste, Elise College and Career Readiness [email protected] 
Bishop, Nicole Instructional Coach, Algebra I [email protected] 
Brown, Dr. Chandra Assistant Principal [email protected] 
Crawford, Nadia English 7, English 8 [email protected] 
Davis, Tonika Lab Assistant [email protected] 
Duncan, Barbara English I, English II, Survey of Af Am Writing [email protected] 
Gaston, Tawana MSIS Clerk [email protected] 
Gideon, Tavares
Lab Assistant [email protected] 
Haggie-Jackson, Constance Secretary [email protected] 
Harris, Crysta
Self-contained Special Education [email protected] 
Harris, Freneisha
Special Education Aide [email protected] 
Hawkins, Alyncea
Human Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science
[email protected] 
Hemphill, Carolyn
Management Essentials, Business Finance [email protected] 
Higgin, Michael
PE 7-8, PE 9-12 [email protected] 
Holeman, Amanda
Librarian [email protected] 
House, Eric
Intro to Sport, Driver's Ed, Drug Education [email protected] 
Jacob, Evelyn
Secondary Inclusion [email protected] 
Jones, Alonda
Secondary Inclusion [email protected] 
Krakowiak, Edwin
Algebra II, Algebra III, AP Physics [email protected] 
McCline, Barbara
AP US History, AP US Government, Economics, Advanced World Geography [email protected] 
McGee, Jeana
Compacted Social Studies, Mississippi Studies, World Geography [email protected]
Miller, Lakita
Secondary Inclusion [email protected] 
Palmer, Monique
Lab Assistant [email protected] 
Payne, Tiara Student and Parent Support [email protected] 
Pitchford, Denise
Science 8, Science 7 [email protected] 
Porter, Lekeshia
Foundations of Biology, Physical Science [email protected] 
Porter, Undrea
Biology, Chemistry [email protected] 
Redetzke, Katherine
French I, ACT Prep, Creative Writing, Debate [email protected] 
Sanders, Tremeris
Shannon, Dr. Tawanda
Guidance Counselor [email protected] 
Simmons, Kashiwa
General Music, STEM [email protected] 
Smith, Naomi
Cyber Foundations [email protected] 
Steele, Annie
Math 7, Math 8 [email protected] 
Wallace, Audrey
English III, AP English IV, English I [email protected] 
Washington, Rosetta
Compensatory Reading 7-8 [email protected]